Proyecto Capital
Financial inclusion opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean
A woman who saves is a life that changes lifes.


Emperatriz Taco

emperatriz taco

“I am a woman who saves in the bank and who goes to the bank to make her deposits. Now I know how to withdraw my money, I know how to save. ... I’m a stronger woman than I was before. ... No one is going to take my money away from me, and no one can deceive me.”

Luzmila Medina

luzmila medina

“When I kept money in my house, I’d take it out and spend it whenever I needed something. When I needed it, I just took it. ... Now that it’s in [the bank], I can’t grab it as quickly. You can be more careful. ... When it’s there in my house, I can just break [the piggy bank] … for anything – for cooking, or whatever I need, I’d just take the money. ... But when I save in the bank, it’s not as easy to get the money. ... I recently took 80 soles to buy a guinea pig to raise. ... I’m thinking of starting a guinea pig farm.”

Victoria Quispe

victoria quispe

“The first time I went to the bank, I was scared. I thought they would trick me. What did that paper say? What if they didn’t give my money back? That’s what I was afraid of. When I went to the bank and they gave me my money, then I knew they weren’t lying to me.”

Fidencia Navio

fidencia navio“I’m happy, because when you don’t have anything, you’re sad. ... And you have to ask your husband for money. ... Now I have a little money of my own in the bank and I don’t have to ask him for anything. When I need something, I go to the bank and take it out.”

Rosa Altamirano

rosa altamirano

“Before [the beginning of the Programa Piloto de Promoción al Ahorro] my animals were my savings. ... I bought and sold pigs, guinea pigs and hens. ... Now I save in the bank. ... I leave [part] of what I receive from the program. ... Sometimes I add what I get from selling a pig. ... When I have a little extra, I put it in the bank. I save it. ... In April, I took out my savings to buy books, school supplies and school uniforms for my children.”