Proyecto Capital
Financial inclusion opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean
A woman who saves is a life that changes lifes.


Maria Fernanda Caballero

Maria Fernanda_Caballero_Gigante“You keep part in reserve, and you can use that to buy things to stock up. And with what you sell, you can stock up.”

Foto: Helkin René Díaz.

Rosa Altamirano

rosa altamirano

“Before [the beginning of the Programa Piloto de Promoción al Ahorro] my animals were my savings. ... I bought and sold pigs, guinea pigs and hens. ... Now I save in the bank. ... I leave [part] of what I receive from the program. ... Sometimes I add what I get from selling a pig. ... When I have a little extra, I put it in the bank. I save it. ... In April, I took out my savings to buy books, school supplies and school uniforms for my children.”

Victoria Quispe

victoria quispe

“The first time I went to the bank, I was scared. I thought they would trick me. What did that paper say? What if they didn’t give my money back? That’s what I was afraid of. When I went to the bank and they gave me my money, then I knew they weren’t lying to me.”

Maria Yisel Oviedo

Maria Yisel_Oviedo_Gigante

“Having it (money) here in the house, you use it right away and don’t save. That’s the difference I’ve seen, and it has been a big benefit.

They taught us to manage a household budget, to plan what we would spend, that we should spend less than our income.”

Foto: Helkin René Díaz.

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