Proyecto Capital
Financial inclusion opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean
A woman who saves is a life that changes lifes.


Berty Tamayo

Berty Tamayo_PuertoLopez

“You feel more alive, because you have your savings, because you can go to the bank and maybe get a loan in the future.

After the training, I started saving for school for my little girl. I like saving in the bank, because I’ll never lose my money there. It’s safe there.

It’s a good idea to have savings in case you get sick or need to travel. Your savings are there for whatever you need.”

Foto: Helkin René Díaz.

Emperatriz Taco

emperatriz taco

“I am a woman who saves in the bank and who goes to the bank to make her deposits. Now I know how to withdraw my money, I know how to save. ... I’m a stronger woman than I was before. ... No one is going to take my money away from me, and no one can deceive me.”

Luz Dary Gonzalez

Luz Dary_Gonzalez_PuertoLopez

“I have a very small business with my husband. We use the income to buy more products to sell.

My goal is to expand the business a little and be able to hire other people.

My goal is to have my own house for my children, to leave my children a house, so they can be secure and have secure savings for them to be able to continue their studies and get a good education.”

Foto: Helkin René Díaz.

Carolina Almario

Carolina Almario_Gigante

“I always want to have something in savings, to have something secure in the future. You just have to want to save and get ahead.”

Foto: Helkin René Díaz.

Fidencia Navio

fidencia navio“I’m happy, because when you don’t have anything, you’re sad. ... And you have to ask your husband for money. ... Now I have a little money of my own in the bank and I don’t have to ask him for anything. When I need something, I go to the bank and take it out.”

Luzmila Medina

luzmila medina

“When I kept money in my house, I’d take it out and spend it whenever I needed something. When I needed it, I just took it. ... Now that it’s in [the bank], I can’t grab it as quickly. You can be more careful. ... When it’s there in my house, I can just break [the piggy bank] … for anything – for cooking, or whatever I need, I’d just take the money. ... But when I save in the bank, it’s not as easy to get the money. ... I recently took 80 soles to buy a guinea pig to raise. ... I’m thinking of starting a guinea pig farm.”

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