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Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:55

InShort 63: An Initial Approach to the Financial Training Results of the Project Haku Wiñay

Written by  José Heredia

InShort 63

Given that the project Haku Wiñay is in the final stage of its first expansion phase, after carrying out the corresponding pilot test, Proyecto Capital decided to undertake a qualitative study. This study sought to explore, selectively, the results achieved and the lessons that arise from the aforementioned financial abilities promotion component.

In order to write this InShort, the last version of the qualitative study’s final report was used, after it had been debated and had received feedback from peers at MIDIS and FONCODES. This InShort contains the main outcomes of the study mentioned above. The study started with a review of the main training materials prepared in FONCODES. Then, three districts where the project is executed were visited and their outcomes compared. In each of the visited locations, the project’s users were interviewed (savings accounts holders and non-holders) as well as the personnel in charge of executing the project. This amounts to a total of 78 individual interviews, a part from one interview held in the Foncodes’ headquarters in Lima.

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