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Friday, 15 April 2016 11:15

InShort 58: Lessons Drawn from the Implementation of POS Sales Systems in Rural Businesses of Junin-Peru

Written by  María de Pilar Guerrero

The project “Complementary Technological Platforms for Financial Inclusion” implemented sales systems that used POS (Point-of-Sale) in rural businesses of the Junin region in Peru (2013-2014) in order to promote the everyday use of this technology among the local population. 

This InShort presents the most relevant findings regarding the businesspersons who acquired a POS system as part of the project. This document aims at making this knowledge available so that it can be used in other initiatives of this type and serve as a starting point when thinking about the population’s needs in terms of information and follow-up to the use of technologies that envision financial inclusion. 

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