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Financial inclusion opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Monday, 21 March 2016 14:02

InShort 57 - Proyecto Capital's Financial Education Experiences in Latin America

Written by  Proyecto Capital

In over seven years, Proyecto Capital has developed 17 financial education programs in 10 Latin American countries, linking each financial education program to social protection programs. The implementation of financial education programs has been possible thanks to alliances formed with governments, in order to actively incorporate political authorities and financial institutions’ officials. Successful experiences have led governments in various countries to include financial education components in their social programs. Such experiences have allowed to capitalize on valuable lessons that make visible the importance of promoting financial inclusion by working directly with excluded populations and at the same time with the sectors in charge of offering financial services. Both interventions, with the population and with financial institutions, aim to bring the financial system closer to the population as well to promote the use of financial products in order to reduce vulnerability among this groups of the population, ultimately stimulating development and wellbeing.

This InShort reviews Proyecto Capital’s different financial education experiences in order to underscore their main achievements and gather the core lessons that derive from these experiences, after over seven years working in the promotion of financial inclusion of vulnerable populations. Likewise this document proposes new challenges and some guidelines that should be followed when developing and implementing public policies in order to continue and improve the process of mainstreaming financial inclusion among social protection policies targeting the most vulnerable populations in Latin America.

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